Who Are We?

The Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development (CCWED) is a grass-roots community-based organization with the mandate to promote and strengthen the health and emotional well-being of women, seniors, children and youth through a variety of prevention,  intervention, and support services.

The agency is a multi-service organization which provides not only traditional services to immigrant women and children but a broad range of integrated programs to under-served groups such as seniors and at-risk youth experiencing the effects of poverty, domestic violence, elder abuse, sexual exploitation, and isolation in Scarborough.

We provide a range of culturally- and linguistically-appropriate programs and services aimed at educating and equipping newcomer women of all ages to become motivated and contributing members of the community.

Our Primary Programs and Services
Culturally-appropriate assistance for women who are new to Canada. These services provide information on the different programs and services linguistically that are available in their community. Also assist them to get connected with social assistance, housing, legal aid, food bank and clothing depot to get them started with their families.

  • Working with young single mothers who are dropping out of school. Provide mentoring and hands-on experience to gain meaningful job shadowing in order re-enter the labour market.
  • Working with young women who are new to Canada and are living in an abusive relationship. Provide life skills training, leadership development, and assist them to understand their present situation and move them to new grounds.
  • Working with single mothers who are re-offending. Provide mentoring and help them to re-enter the work force and attain their education goals. Also provide work placement with other community agencies so that they can gain hands-on experience and be able to find jobs.
  • Providing assistance to women by accompanying them to divorce and child custody hearings, immigration appeals, food banks, social assistance office, eviction hearings, domestic violence counseling, give assistance filling out forms, and make appropriate referrals.


April 2014 – Bibi Zaman received the June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism. Bibi Zaman of Scarborough has been dedicated to improving the lives of the women in her community for the past 24 years. The Canadian Center for Women’s Education and Development, which she founded, has helped hundreds of women find work to support themselves …

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Success Stories

Home Safe The Centre helped a single parent of 2 children, to own her own home through Habitat For Humanity. Over a decade this woman encountered domestic violence and was using the food bank, on social assistance, running back and forth to court on domestic violence issues, then experienced separation ad divorce. She was helped by …

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