Oct 14

Helping Women Succeed

Our aim is to enable low-income immigrant women and their families of all cultural backgrounds in our community to have equal access to education and training, affording both increased self-sufficiency as well as healthier lifestyles.

The Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development (CCWED) was established in April 1987 following the development of a Sexual Abuse Program at George Brown College. It was here where low-income immigrant women revealed their life experiences and stories, accounts that subsequently motivated CCWED to take an active role and become involved in the lives of these and other similar women who face extreme hardships, including, among other things, abuse and welfare harassment

The Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development is committed to ensuring that its policies, procedures and programs are made accessible to all immigrant women and children regardless of age, race, culture and religion.


  1. To improve the quality of life and status of women in Canada;
  2. To develop sustainable women’s organizations at the community level;
  3. To encourage and improve the socio-economic position of women;
  4. To encourage initiative and creativity in women;
  5. To improve the health of women, particularly prenatal, natal and postnatal care through education;
  6. To integrate women into the local, national and global economic and social environments;
  7. To establish a development network and develop ties with other local, national and international women’s groups.

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