Oct 11

Programs for Girls

We have programs that provide support and outreach to young girls in community on financial literacy, health promotion and education, including the provision of information on girls violence and gender equity.  Such information is designed to address violence in the lives of the girls in the community who are new comers, as well as providing culturally-specific counselling services and advice.  Educational workshops and seminars on girls violence, health issues, and education build a strong sense of self-worth, respect, rights and responsibilities  are conducted. The focus lies on identifying violence in all its forms, and informing the girls of their rights and available resources.


  • Build a strong sense of self-worth
  • Individual or group workshops
  • Respect, rights, and responsibilities amongst newcomer girls
  • Provide girls with the tools and space they need to create healthy equal, non-violent relationships in their own lives, and empower the girls, as well as facilitate activities to promote resiliency, mental, emotional, and physical health
  • Provide mentoring/assistance in: science, technology, engineering and math


To provide individual support and to enhance the growth and well-being of girls so that they can reach their full potential and assist them to avoid any violence against themselves. Techniques include mentoring, role-playing, addressing girls’ pressures, and managing challenging issues within their limits.

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