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HIV/AIDS Prevention


Supporting women immigrants and refugees with HIV/AIDS

Toronto has the largest African and Caribbean communities in Ontario and, according to the Ontario HIV Epidemiological Monitoring Unit, these communities made up over 16% of all new HIV diagnoses in Ontario in 2007. Yet supports for people from these communities affected by HIV and AIDS are still in the early stages of development. CCWED provides support, education and a safe place for women to meet and discuss issues affecting their daily lives. Through this engagement, we meet to discuss overcoming cultural barriers and generational gaps. We also  communicate with service providers so that health services delivered in sensitive ways will really make a difference in the long run. Our goal focuses on issues related to HIV and AIDS. Because clients come from different communities, some are less comfortable than others in identifying themselves as HIV positive. They worry about having their HIV status revealed in their communities, where everyone may know everyone else’s business. We provide drop-in 2 days per week.