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Youth/Family Services


A wide range of specially-designed and individualized services are provided through our organization to youth as well as to families in need of support, outreach, advocacy and counseling services. Youth from 13 to 26 years of age who are having adjustment and/or school problems or other social challenges are eligible for these services.


Provide outreach and support to clients including the provision of culturally-specific programs in partnership situations.


  •  Individual and group counseling to youth and family
  •  Consultation and research on current issues and trends related to youth
  •  Network with other agencies in order to develop and provide culturally-sensitive programs and services
  •  Education and counseling on health issues


  •  Provide individual client support to youth and family members
  •  Maintaining outreach in the client’s community and providing peer support and education
  •  Educating and empowering youth with leadership skills, positive social attitudes and the ability to access other services.