Oct 24

Study Shows Effects on Children of a Small Income Increase

A recent US study has revealed surprising consequences of a small increase to family income — children experience life-changing improvements. The remarkable findings noted that there was a fairly large positive impact on the development of the children in families that received extra income.

Their analysis showed that children whose parents had received the income boost were less likely to have behavioural and emotional disorders compared to their peers.

But it wasn’t just mood and mental health that was improved – the researchers¬†also found that the extra cash boosted two personality traits in children that are linked to long-term positive life outcomes, as Ferdman reports:

“The first is conscientiousness. People who lack it tend to lie, break rules and have trouble paying attention. The second is agreeableness, which leads to a comfort around people and aptness for teamwork. And both are strongly correlated with various forms of later life success and happiness.”

Interestingly, the children who benefitted the most from the extra money were those who were the most behind for their age group when the study first began.

“This actually reduces inequality with respect to personality traits,” said Akee. “On average, everyone is benefiting, but in particular it’s helping the people who need it the most.”


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